There are no wrong questions for the right answers.

Our process

Instead of trying to seem cool or look good, we start by asking: What's wrong with what we're seeing? How could it be improved?

So don't be surprised if the first thing we do is confront you with questions, even during your briefing. We do this with all our customers. And it usually helps to clarify ambiguities and weak points right from the start.

We admit: We can be wrong. Also with our criticism. But if this criticism isn't  formulated in the first place, then no process can be set in motion that takes your company's presentation from "pretty good" to "truly excellent". After all, our goal is to find successful long-term strategies and dynamic initiatives, not more of the "same old, same old". 

Animated explanatory graphic of the strategy and design process at Machbar
Our process addresses all project phases for an agile project setup. The aim is to encourage interaction, collaboration and a flexible approach to change rather than implementing a linear and inflexible schedule.

We research, analyze and make use of the extensive experience we have gained from past and comparable projects.

We use state-of-the-art tools to ensure smooth communication between all parties involved. And we bring in modern techniques including AI to explore the full range of possibilities available in your brand space.

A deeper aspect in what we do: relationship management.

Sympathy and trust are the cornerstones of a meaningful relationship. And they are also the most important currency of each and every brand.

That's why your stakeholders should get to know you better. Put yourself in their shoes: What is the real benefit for them in your products and services? What are their needs? And then - back to you: What makes you stand out? What really sets you apart from the competition?

Show character. Communicate values. Let your customers get to know your qualities and characteristics. A shared mindset connects you with your target group, and that in turn makes you crisis-proof and creates the basis for lasting relationships.

And that's exactly what we want to offer you. Let's get to know each other!

Every path begins with the first step.

Together we choose the right direction.