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plentysystems AG

This is what it looks like when a German company transforms into a global headliner in online retail.

plentymarkets liberalizes online commerce with a revolutionary multi-channel approach. Customers can sell on dozens of marketplaces, from Amazon and eBay to country-specific marketplaces. And in 2022 alone, they will have turned over almost 10 billion euros - and the trend is rising.

plentymarkets has thus become a leading global e-commerce ERP in just a few years. Machbar has now clarified the impact of this transformation on the brand presence.

plentymarkets Logo Relaunch Animation old logo into the new logo

Rebranding & Corporate Design

From value proposition to popular brand name

plentymarkets is now much more than just a multichannel provider. The associated change in understanding and meaning has now also been anchored in the revised logo, in that the noun compound, which was previously visually separated into two word parts, has been visually welded together to form a fixed term.

plentymarket's plentyBase graphic 'Let's grow together' for the Online Retailer Congress (OHK) 2020
plentymarket's plentyBase graphic 'Success multiplied' for the Online Retailer Congress (OHK) 2022
The plentyBase is the heart and engine room of plentymarkets. Iconographic and original, it is constantly reinterpreted to show everything that plentymarkets has to offer.
plentymarkets Corporate Design color scheme and color weighting
plentymarkt's presentation Claim "The world is a marketplace. Make it yours."

Brand Positioning, Claim & Messaging

Make it yours.

Efficient, successful and ambitious - and at the same time open, humorous and curious. This positioning is reflected in the claim "Make it yours" and the advertising messages.

plentymarkets Relaunch Website 2020 Screencast of the homepage with Tumult-Hype animation "Whatever, wherever, we're meant to sell together"
plentymarkets image brochure cover picture
plentymarkets image brochure back cover
plentymarkets image brochure inside page "Welcome"
plentymarkets image brochure inside interview Josef Seibel Schuhfabrik
Make plentymarkets your favorite software, create tailor-made experiences for your customers, conquer your market: the communication messages address employees, the developer community as well as brands and resellers in equal measure.

Brand Architecture & Service Design

As easy as it gets

plentymarkets consists of modules that interlock perfectly. They control all processes from item management to the online store and multi-channel to fulfillment and payment.

It all works very simply. But it's not so easy to maintain an overview. Thanks to a consistent nomenclature and structured presentation, the platform, modules and other components of the software can now always be clearly identified and assigned.

plentymarkets animation of plentyFlow
plentymarkets website display of different screens

Brand Identity Systems (CI/CV) & Brand Implementation

plenty of text, graphics and animations.

Powerful graphics and concise texts make the brand promise and positioning visible and tangible, for example on the website, which was completely written and illustrated by Machbar for the relaunch. And in hundreds of supporting illustrations for social media posts, brochures, advertisements and PR mailings.

plentymarkets Illustration Multichannel
plentymarkets animation of a variety of graphics/illustrations
plentymarkets plentyKeynote 2023 - Animation action logo

Event Communications

Welcome to the command bridge

With the plentyKeynote, the new central presentation of plentymarkets was established in 2023, an event lasting several hours, streamed live from the BetterNowStudios in Kassel.

The focus was on the factual benefits of new functions of plentymarkets, presented by company founder and CEO Jan Griesel and responsible product owners in a sensational and continuous choreography in front of a 10-meter-wide LED stage.

Keynote event presentation design for plentymarkets from machbar
campaign design, brand positioning rebranding and sales and marketing support from Machbar.
plentymarkets plentyKeynote 2023 - Recap Trailer Better Now Studio Kassel with Jan Griesel
plentymarkets plentyKeynote 
2023 Speaker CEO Jan Griesel
plentymarkets plentyKeynote 
2023 Speaker
plentymarkets plentyKeynote 
2023 Better Now Studio

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