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Sonor GmbH

Digital native update instead of end of story

The world-famous German drum manufacturer doesn't have customers – it has dedicated fans. But even though handmade rock music will never die out, sales of analog musical instruments have been falling steadily for years.

Brand Identity System

The brand in a nutshell

The drum, the drumbeat, the heartbeat, the bull's eye. The "O" filled into a circle anchors the brand code in the display font. Attention-grabbing, simple, unique.

An example application for Sonor's visual brand design, showing a drum kit on a stage from above, with the advertising headline "Your signature in sound" in front of it.
SONOR counters market concentration with a self-confident return to its own vibe and virtues. To be experienced in its highly coveted products delivered in uncompromising quality. Now presented in a style that is up-to-the-minute and effective across multiple genres.
Sonor SQ2 drum kit cut out on gray background with advertising headline "Every fleed needs a flagship".

Brand Experience

The biggest stars?
The drums themselves!

The most important endorser takes center stage: the drums themselves. They provide the most direct and largest possible identification and projection surface for one's own experience.

Released detail of a Sonor drum on a gray surface, above the advertising headline "The beat comes closer".
Detail picture of a Sonor foot pedal "Perfect balance" with advertising headline "Find your perfect balance".
Animated explanation of the communication concept for Sonor, which focuses on the products and is flanked by exclusive backstage topics about the brand as well as onstage stories about the live experience

Backstage pass included

The product communication gets an extra emotional charge with exclusive backstage topics about the brand and the manufacturing as well as onstage stories about the live experience.

Older man at a dramatically lit workbench holds a fastener to a wooden drum, accompanied by advertising headline "Craftmanship since 1875".

Content Strategy & Delivery / Web Design

A huge hit: The new web presence

Spacious in the desktop version, completely functional on mobile: The dynamic responsive design of the website implemented by Machbar in 2018 let the digital brand design come alive in all its details. The content created by Machbar has been transferred to a new SONOR website in the meantime.

Screencasts of the SONOR website from 2018, displayed on a tablet frame.
Screencasts from the SONOR website of 2018 - Orff section - displayed on a tablet frame.

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