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Energieverbund Nord GmbH

Tailwind for new renewable energy

By 2030, 80 percent of Germany's electricity is to come from renewable sources. In order to achieve this goal, which is as ambitious as it is right, municipal and private sector players are needed to drive forward the transformation and expansion with new renewable energy.

This is where Energieverbund Nord from Schwerin comes in: it brings together expertise and companies from the region to enable communities and municipalities to participate economically in this transformation, ensure a secure energy supply and secure agricultural property and operations.

Animated explanatory graphic of the strategy and design process at Machbar
Animation of the claim "Komm mit nach oben" for the "Nordschritt" initiative from Schwerin
Freestanding figurative mark of the "Nordschritt" initiative from Schwerin in front of a wind turbine

Brand Creation & Campaign

Off we go towards the future

Machbar developed a branding with a strong character for the "Nordschritt" corporate campaign. With a self-confident name and trend-setting word and figurative mark, the innovative concepts of the initiative are firmly anchored in the minds of the target group. The campaign shows the Energieverbund as a visionary provider of complete solutions.

Man in East Frisian mink standing in front of a lake. Campaign motif "New energy for northern lights" for the "Nordschritt" initiative from Schwerin
Campaign motif "Sustainable regional development" for the "Nordschritt" initiative from Schwerin
Campaign motif "Tailwind for the North" for the "Nordschritt" initiative from Schwerin
The image models the mission statement in self-confident statements: With Nordschritt, the energy transition in northern Germany is gaining momentum. And this benefits not only the climate, but also the region.
Overview of logo variants and colors for the "Norschritt" brand from Schwerin
Preview of the website of the "Norschritt" initiative from Schwerin

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